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Ending a marriage, making custody arrangements, and adopting a child are all personal matters, but they also require legal action. When you are faced with a family law matter in Kaufman, Rockwall, Dallas, and the surrounding counties, Sinclair Law Group, PC in Rockwall, Texas can explain the applicable guidelines and protect your rights. Our team of dedicated family law attorneys provides the highest level of legal representation and service in divorces, adoptions, and related concerns.

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Knowledgeable Representation on Child Support and Custody Challenges

Our firm can assist you through every step of the divorce process and help you handle parental concerns such as:

  • Child support — The calculation for child support payments in Texas usually relies on a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s net income. Under state law, payments for a child’s health insurance can be deducted. We will work with you to pursue a fair order whether you will be paying support or receiving it. Our advocates also take on modification and enforcement actions.

  • Child custody and visitation — Conservatorship, or legal authority over a child, is often awarded jointly to both parents. If there is some reason why it might not be safe for the other parent to share this duty, we can help you seek a sole managing conservatorship. We conduct a thorough review of the circumstances to establish fair provisions for possession and access.

If you are dealing with a dispute over child support or conservatorship, we will fight for your rights and work toward an outcome that is truly in your child’s best interests. Contact us today to speak to a trusted and experienced family law attorney.

Providing Sound Legal Advice During the Adoption Process

Texas requires adoptive parents to be financially stable and at least 21 years of age. Whether you’re looking to adopt domestically or from another country, we’ll clearly outline the relevant requirements so you’ll have a full understanding of the process from the start. Our attorneys can prepare the necessary documentation and inform you about the interview and home visit process. By providing comprehensive counsel and helping you to avoid common pitfalls, we can maximize your ability to add to your family.

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Sinclair Law Group, PC in Rockwall represents Texans in a full range of family law matters, including divorces, child support disputes, and adoptions. Please call or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation today.